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The Cowboy's Goodnight Kiss: a prequel novella to The Heartbreak Cowboy

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The Cowboy's Goodnight Kiss

Coldiron Cowboys: Novella
ebook: 978-1-7327051-0-4
(Prequel to The Heartbreak Cowboy)

*A note to readers: This prequel introduces characters from the first full-length book in the Coldiron Cowboys series, The Heartbreak Cowboy, and was written to give readers a first-hand account of the night that changed everything for McCrea and Eleanor. 
It doesn't end with a happy-ever-after.

Love isn’t a choice…

Eleanor MacKenna has loved McCrea Coldiron since she was old enough to notice boys. He’s handsome as sin, sexy, a little reckless and like her, not looking to get hitched. Trouble is, he’s never seen her as more than his baby sister’s best friend. But Eleanor is willing to risk her guarded heart to show the wild cowboy she’s all grown up. ​

McCrea isn’t proud of his reputation as a hell-raiser and a ladies-man. And while years ago there was some truth to the rumors, now that life could cost him the land he has worked so hard for. Eleanor Mackenna had been chasing him like a love-sick pup for years, but ignoring her was easy—until now. All grown up,  Eleanor has curves in all the right places making her hard to resist, and when he’s backed into a corner to settle down and take a wife or lose his inheritance, McCrea makes Eleanor an offer he doesn’t think she’ll refuse…
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