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Make Your Own Natural Beauty Products

Making your own natural skincare products is great fun. You can make them smell exactly how you want to and tailor them to your own specific needs.

Plus you'll be sorted for everyones Christmas and Birthday presents for years!

Contained within this course are ingredients plus full video tutorials to make 8 fabulous products. You can pause, rewind and watch at every stage so you'll never be overwhelmed.

Plus you will have pdf's of every product recipe so you can print them out and follow them easily.

These are natural, preservative free products that use minimal ingredients so you can take care of your skin the way nature intended.

You can have all this for just £34.50

What products can you make?

I'm going to show you how to make:

Dandelion Salve

Chickweed Salve

Body Butter


Lip Scrub

Body Scrub

Face Mask

Spot Gel

The products are suitable for all skin types - especially as you can tailor the products to your own specific needs!

Preparation before making

Every product is quick and easy to make from minimal ingredients that you might have at home already.

There are few other ingredients that you can get from me, so you won't have to go hunting or googling for ingredients!

When you purchase it you will be sent a sheet showing you how to make a couple of infusions for the dandelion and chickweed salves because they need to infuse for a little while before you make the salves.

I think I've thought of everything but if you've got any questions just ping me an email at uk

Make your own natural beauty products


Important to note

These products are for your own personal use and are not designed for resale to the general public.

They can only be used by yourself and family/friends.

Wider distribution of these products to the public, whether given or sold, is illegal without first obtaining full safety assessments and cosmetic testing certification on each product at source.

All the product recipes in this course are subject to copyright and therefore cannot be replicated for financial gain.