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The Galactic Chronicles - Shadows of the Void 8 - 10

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A galactic war. Star-crossed lovers. What could possibly go wrong? 

Mars Born

Jas Harrington has escaped to the starship Bricoleur. In the brief respite from battle, she must decide how best to fight the Shadows, who kill and replace their victims.

Along with her companions, she travels to her birthplace, Mars, where she delves into her murky past and uncovers surprising secrets.

Shadow Battle

Security chief Jas Harrington has exposed the secret invasion of Earth by hostile aliens called Shadows. She hopes the Transgalactic Council can come to Earth’s aid, and she and her companions await the Council’s arrival at Ganymede Outpost.

Jas enlists with the galactic fleet and is sent to serve aboard the space battleship Infineon. As the battle rages, it becomes clear that the allies face more threats than just the enemy’s ships.

Shadow War

Jas Harrington has risen from a lowly ensign to the rank of commander in the Unity Alliance, which has been at war with the Shadows for the last five years.

But her rapid promotion means little to Jas. She hasn’t seen the love of her life for the duration of the war, and she doesn’t know if he’s dead or alive.

The fate of humanity and galactic civilization hangs in the balance, and she hopes that if the allies win, the life she’ll lead afterward is worth fighting for.

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