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The Biggest Mistakes That Keep You From Living Miraculous Life

As you can see, we didn’t create our miraculous lives by accident.
There is a formula for living in the Miracle Zone and we’re going to share it in this e-book. While we can’t create miracles, we can create the conditions for miracles to flow in our lives. Living in that flow is what we call Living in the Miracle Zone.

So if you…
• Have been working hard, but just can’t seem to create the success or abundance you see in the lives of others around you…
• Long for deep and fulfilling relationships with your partner or your friends or with “the one” who hasn’t shown up yet, and you feel isolated and empty…
• Continue to experience health challenges, fatigue, or stress, despite having made changes to your diet, lifestyle habits, and exercise routine…
• Have been searching for your true life’s purpose, but it seems to be outside your reach…
• Simply feel hopeless because the happiness you’ve longed for continues to elude you…
Or maybe you feel like your life is good but you want to take it to miraculous…And when you make the decision to embrace miracles and stop making those mistakes that keep your miraculous life away…
everything can change.
Your life really can shift in an instant.

How This Book Works.

This book is broken down into four chapters. In each chapter we discuss another mistake that we see people make that have kept miracles from flowing in their lives. In each chapter we also provide a way to turn that mistake around so that you can start living more and more in the Miracle Zone!

Mistake #1: Holding On When It’s Time To Let Go You’ll learn why letting go on the physical level creates space for your miracles to appear in every area of life. Then we’ll share with you an ancient Chinese decluttering technique to make the process simple and fun.

Mistake #2: Not Thinking You’re Worthy of Miracles If you think you don’t deserve to live a miraculous life, it’s time to put that idea to rest. The fact of the matter is, the miracles you most desire are desiring you.

Mistake #3: Using the Power of Your Mind to Visualize What You Don’t Want
If you want to manifest anything in your life, seeing it clearly in your mind’s eye helps anchor the feeling in your body and begins the process of manifestation. But this law of visualization can work against you if you make the mistake of visualizing what you don’t want to happen or the person that you don’t want to be.
Mistake #4: Surrounding Yourself with the Wrong People What if you’re doing everything “right” and your miracles are still not manifesting like you know they could be. Is there something else holding you back?
   And at any moment in time, you can choose your next step. You can choose to continue down the path you’re on or you can set your life up for miracles.What will you choose, right now, in this moment?
You’re always just one choice away from a completely different life.
We hope you choose miracles. You’re so ready.
Cheers To a Miraculous Life

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