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HappyHealthy365 BUNDLE - NAME YOUR PRICE!!!

This Holiday Season I am giving away all my products - programs, ebooks, and guides - as a bundle at a price you choose!

That's right: you can PICK YOUR OWN PRICE - no matter how low or how high it is, it is YOUR choice!!!

The offer stands for until the end of the year: December 31, 2015, midnight (EST timezone)! 
Pick your price and buy it now!

You will receive:

  • Your 21-day Mind-Body-Soul Shake-Up PROGRAM: A true (w)holistic Cleanse {regular price: 87.99$}

                       This program includes:
                                        A 21-day program broken down into 3 themes:
                                                *Week 1: Acceptance & Gratitude
                                                *Week 2: Forgiveness & Letting Go
                                                *Week 3: Gratitude, Future, Goals & Manifestation
                                                *Each section includes daily information, inspiration & exercises
                                        Daily Affirmations
                                        Daily Challenges for a Happy & Healthy Life
                                        Easy to Be Happy & Healthy Ebook with detailed cleansing principles, nutrition tips, self-care guidance & tips
                                        Daily Health & Happiness Tracker
                                        A Happiness Log
                                        Access to a Private and Supportive Community (on Facebook)
                                        Personal Support from a Certified Health & Life Coach (hint: me!)

  • 365 Days of Journaling Ebook                                                               {regular price: 9.99$}
  • Reflection, Goal Setting & Manifestation Ebook                             {regular price: 9.99$}
  • Real Food Recipe book with 155 healthy, whole food recipes     {worth: 25.99$ - Not sold normally}
  • Seeking Wellness ebook with inspiring stories                                {worth: 25.99$ - Not sold normally}
  • Setting Intention guide                                                                           {worth: 4.99$ - Not sold normally}
  • Affirmations guide                                                                                   {worth: 4.99$ - Not sold normally}
  • Gratitude guide                                                                                        {worth: 4.99 - Not sold normally}

All of this can be yours now and you can name YOUR price!!!

I truly want YOU to experience health, happiness, freedom, peace and balance in 2016. I want you to love yourself...and to feel worthy to give this gift to yourself. But I don't want to break your budget if money is tight. I also don't want to hold you back, if you find it so cheap. I want you to stand up for yourself. I want you to be in the driver's seat. Decide what this worth for you, what your healing worth for you, and know what you can afford.

All of this would normally cost you 174.92$ (and worth much more than that!!!), but now you can name the price that feels comfortable to you, feels right in your heart and works for your budget.

The minimum price is 25$.

Why am I naming a minimum price? 
Simply put, I want you to experience an abundance mentality versus scarcity mentality. If you develop an abundance mentality, you will manifest abundance in all areas of your life: in health, in wealth, in happiness, and in relationships. You will start attracting anything you want. I want you to have health and happiness. I could give all this away for free or donations based without a minimum price tag. I could. I wouldn't mind doing it. But it wouldn't do much good to you. It is part of the scarcity mindset that we believe that what's free is worthless. You may download it for free, but you may not even look at it, because it was free. You won't value yourself, your health, and your happiness enough to even read the materials, let alone to try the exercises and actually change your life. If you've paid for it, it must have some value to it.

Why don't I ask for more?
Again, I don't want to make you broke or take out a huge loan, if you can't afford it. I don't want you to not have all these tools and programs, because you can't afford it. 25$ is something everyone can afford. In a big city one yoga class costs that much, but even in a small town you pay this for 2 or 3 classes. Your health and happiness worth 25$ (hint: it worth much more!). Take a deep breath. Ask yourself: Do I want to feel and experience an abundance of health and happiness? Does my health and happiness worth 25$ to me? How much does my health and happiness worth? You know your answer.
By naming your price, you also get a great opportunity to practice abundance mindset: a mindset of having an abundance of money to name a fair price from and a mindset of receiving an abundance of tools, support and knowledge to create an abundance of health and happiness in return.

You know that normally all this would cost 174.92$. You know that all this worth much more than that (hint: just the 21-day program could be sold for near 1000$!!!). You know that the minimum I ask for is 25$. You know that you can pick your own price: you can pay 25$, you can pay 26$, you can pay 50$, you can pay the entire 174.92$, or you can pay even more... It is your decision. I trust you that you will make the decision that is right for your heart and right for your budget. Good karma goes around. 

Whatever your price is: YOU DESERVE IT! You deserve health & happiness!


This opportunity is only good for until December 31, 2015. Then it goes away for good! 
Buy your HappyHealthy365 Bundle now!

With love and happiness,


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