Machine Tools

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Machine Tools Training Manual 1 - Fundamentals of Machine Tools (308 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Introduction to the Machine Shop
Chapter 2 - Properties, Identification, and Heat Treatment of Metals
Chapter 3 - Portable Machine Tools
Chapter 4 - Drilling Machines
Chapter 5 - Grinding Machines
Chapter 6 - Sawing Machines
Chapter 7 - Lathes
Chapter 8 - Milling Operations
Chapter 9 - Milling-Grinding-Drilling and Slotting Attachment (Versa-Mil)
Chapter 10 - Tables
Chapter 11 - Weights and Measures
Chapter 12 - Formulas

Machine Tools Training Manual 2 - Machine Shop Calculation (105 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
Chapter 2 - Converting Fractions to Decimals and Decimals to Fractions
Chapter 3 - Converting Linear Measurements from the English to the Metric System And Back
Chapter 4 - Solving Problems Using Ratio and Proportion
Chapter 5 - Solving Problems Using Trigonometry

Machine Tools Training Manual 3 - Principles of Drafting and Shop Drawings (113 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Orthographic Projection Theory and Freehand Drafting
Chapter 2 - Drafting Instruments and the Fundamentals of Geometric Construction
Chapter 3 - Theory and Fundamentals of Pictorial Drawings: Oblique and Isometric Projection
Chapter 4 - Identify Shop Terms, Abbreviations and Dimensioning Elements
Chapter 5 - Interpret a Shop Drawing

Machine Tools Training Manual 4 - Precision Measuring and Gaging (89 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Different Types of Fits, Tolerances and Allowances Used in the Machinist Trades
Chapter 2 - Proper Use and Care of Precision Gages and Measuring Tools

Machine Tools Training Manual 5 - Metal Properties, Characteristics, Uses and Codes (50 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Processes for Identifying the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Various Metals
Chapter 2 - Hardness Tester, Chemical Analysis and Bench Grinder to Identify Various Metals

Machine Tools Training Manual 6 - Milling Machine Operations (76 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Setup, Operation, and Adjustment of the Milling Machine
Chapter 2 - Types, Nomenclature, and Use of Milling Cutters

Machine Tools Training Manual 7 - Lathe Operations (136 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Uses of the Lathe to Include Safety
Chapter 2 - Uses, Repair and Adjustment of Lathe Attachments
Chapter 3 - Various Thread Forms, Uses, Calculations and Machining Techniques

Machine Tools Training Manual 8 - Bandsaw Operations (92 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Use of the Bandsaw Machine
Chapter 2 - Methods Used To Repair and Adjust the Bandsaw
Chapter 3 - Procedures For Troubleshooting the Bandsaw

Machine Tools Training Manual 9 - Shop Safety (46 Pages)

Chapter 1 - General Shop Safety Rules And Potential Safety Hazards
Chapter 2 - Developing The Rules And Procedures For A Successful Safety Program


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