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Liberal Social Manifesto 2018 Update

Manifesto updated with latest infographics on wage increase for politicians and making the point of more people involved in politics especially those suffering from its effects..

Liberal Socialist Manifesto 2018




Increased powers to each nation on local laws, taxation and spending including local business leaders and organisational leaders with requirements for engagement with local people.

All Councillors required to be from the local area, have connections and be responsible financially for all projects or decisions(Directorship)













More young parliament engagement in trade training in politics highlighting local youth involvement

Increase contitutencies from 650 -1000 to include greater selection of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland representation and North-West and North-East sections of the UK which are unequal in comparison with southern regions.










Paying Politics



Counsellors linked to average pay for council workers (Also to include pensions) and annual checks on expenses

MP’s linked to average pay £22,020 and state pension

Royals income to be derived from Duchy income alone especially given the limit has been raised to 20% this year allowing for £84 million this year 2018-19 alone. No other income from the public pursue for any reason.

Expenses on royals and MP’s capped at their annual wage limit (e.g. £22,020)



Allow the celtic devolved governments to have control over immigration to each country, and introduce a Canadian-style earned citizenship system to attract highly-skilled immigrants. With jobs offered first to settled citizens and then offered to settled immigrants after a period of 1 months advertising. Immigrant posing a serious risk will be deported and benefits/NHS can only be applied for after citizenship and settled for 2 years of paying into the system


Taxes and the economy


Oppose UK plans in the Infrastructure Bill which will allow oil and gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing beneath people's homes without consent. Invest in offshore wind farming & Tidal power. Support an international bank tax and limits to industry bonuses. People earning more than £50,000 a year (or double the average minimum wage) would pay 50% income tax. Extra Wealth tax of 5% to 10% people worth £1m or more. Renationalise all essential services such as transport and energy, education and royal mail. Scrap HS2. Allow councils to impose extra business rates on out-of-town supermarkets/shopping centres to fund small local businesses and use the provision to provide funding and investment in community events and markets to revive city centre.. Crackdown on tax avoidance by multinationals to recover estimated 200 billion lost per year. Allow "the current dependence on economic growth to cease, and allow zero or negative growth to be feasible without individual hardship". Commit Britain to a "zero carbon" future. Ensure all grants and loans only offered to SME and Medium sized business’s and consultations and advice utilising local business individuals is acted upon.



Return the NHS to its original for  of being a health service and enable patients more access and control of their local trusts through direct involvement on committee’s and meetings that require their consent. Reduce the number of senior managers in the NHS by 50% over the next parliament. Streamline the work of health boards. Real terms increases in year-on-year NHS spending.

Reduce all consultants and external agencies working with the NHS including technical spending which has resulted in a wealth of loss. Funding to be diverted away from centralised facilities towards community healthcare, illness prevention and health promotion. Stop privatisation. Abolish prescription charges. Dedicated NHS Tax to go direct to the health service which involves immigrant contribution charge. Ban proactive recruitment of non-British NHS staff from overseas and set a limit for doctors and consultants involving private work while working for the NHS Trust. A complete ban on the promotion of tobacco and alcohol products, including sponsorship.

Security, defence and foreign affairs


Oppose nuclear weapons and push for removal of Trident submarines from Scotland. In 2010, proposed a Scottish Centre for Reconciliation and Conflict Resolution, to promote peaceful alternatives to armed conflict. Maintain 1% commitment to foreign aid. Enhanced role for Celtic countries within the UK in Europe, particularly in fisheries policy, farming and imports damaging to production and self-sustaining business’s.

Referendum on Britain's EU membership. Want reform of EU to hand powers back to local communities. Take the UK out of NATO unilaterally. End the so-called "special relationship" between the UK and the US. Stop EU-US free trade deal TTIP.







Introduce gender quotas on public boards. Living wage "a central priority" in all devolved government contracts including education. Continue the 'small business bonus'. Require all jobs to be permanent and apprenticeships to be given a living wage and leading to a position avoiding slave labour exploitation.  A national energy conservation scheme to create thousands of new jobs. The party wants to create "sustainable jobs" and promotes more local production of food and goods.







Guaranteed free 30 hours of childcare a week upto four-year-olds in UK , up from 16 hours.

Maintain lack of tuition fees at Scottish universities, and offer financial support in grants and loans to students. Continue to build and refurbish schools. Lower voting age to 16 in all UK elections with mandatory teaching on voting and union history in schools linked with citizenship and community education placements. End performance related pay for teachers. Replace Ofsted with an independent National Council for Educational Excellence. Bring Free Schools and Academies into local authority control. Ensure all teachers are properly qualified; abolish SATS and Year 1 phonics tests. Raise school starting age to six if parents want it and promote home schooling and flexibility for self-employed families. Scrap National Curriculum. Allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in all UK elections.



Oppose the so-called "bedroom tax". The party backs a Citizen's Income, a fixed amount of £72 income a week to be paid to every individual, whether they are in work or not, to be funded by higher taxes on the better off and green levies. But in the short-term it would increase the minimum wage to £10 by 2020. Ban zero hours contracts. Axe the "bedroom tax". Abolish the work capability assessment and restore the level of the former disability living allowance. Scrap the government's welfare cap, which limits the maximum amount a household can claim annually to £26,000 a year.

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