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MKT 498 Practice: Week 4 Discussion Question 2

MKT 498 Practice: Week 4 Discussion Question 2

Respond to this week’s discussion.

Post your response to the discussion area.

Responses to promotions; cause-related marketing

Select ONE of the following to respond to as your second DQ for Week 4. Please be kind enough to copy/paste the question you have selected at the beginning of your response.




Consumers can be divided into four broad categories in terms of how they respond to consumer promotions: promotion prone, brand loyal, price sensitive, and brand preference. Identify two services or goods that would fit into each category for you personally. For example, you may be promotion-prone when you buy soft drinks (your favorite brand is “What’s on Sale”), but be very brand-loyal when you buy shoes (Nike, Reebok). What determines which type of category you fit into for the various products you discussed?


Assume you are a marketing intern for a local clothing boutique retail store. List the benefits of cause-related marketing for the retail store. Identify two causes in your community you think the store should become involved with. Explain why. Should the clothing retailer become involved in green marketing? Why or why not? Identify at least one way the store could become involved in green marketing.

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