Make It Work - Conventional Fire Alarms - Desktop

by Douglas Krantz

Compliance with the Fire Alarm Code is necessary for Life-Safety, but understanding the fire alarm system is needed for the compliance.

In order to comply with the Code, “Make It Work – Conventional Fire Alarms” shows how a fire alarm system works.

  • Life-Safety – Why a Fire Alarm System is wired so weirdly in the first place
  • Class A and Class B Circuits – How the building wiring is affected by Life-Safety
  • IDC (Initiating Device Circuit) – How Pull Stations, Smoke Detectors, Waterflow Switches, Etc. use Class A or B Circuit to sound the alarm
  • NAC (Notification Appliance Circuit) – How the Horns and Strobes are turned on and off by the fire alarm control panel

As an added bonus:

  • Standby Battery Life Expectancy is explained
  • Ground Faults and why they are so dangerous is explained

You will get a PDF (4MB) file.

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$ 24.00

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