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$5 to $500 logo design

This will be a really short book (14 pages) for new and young designers who think they can’t charge more. I really hope it will help you to overcome that problem.

I’m just a regular logo designer like you. I didn’t go to graphic design school or college, I’m a self-taught designer/businessman. There are better ones and there are worst ones. Through this ebook/set of tips I’ll show you how I made that jump from $5 to $500 service.

You must be wondering, why do I sell this book if I make much more doing logos? I want to educate as much designers as possible, so we all together can lift our industry to price range we deserve. If we all start charging at least $500 then we’ll all profit from it. We won’t have to fight for lowballing clients. We’ll compete between $500 and $2000. Yes, after you start getting better clients you will quickly end up with clients who are ready to pay you in thousands.

This is the reason you should share the link of this ebook. The more designers learn this, the better situation will be for all of us. You can even use affiliate link and make some extra ‘’beer money’’.

Anyway, I know designers don’t like to read too much (I know from the personal experience), so I’ll make this as short as possible with the most crucial points. This is mostly for online purpose but some parts can be used for ‘’offline’’ clients too.

I included my website as I wanted to be transparent with you 100% in the footer so you can check some of my work if you want.

Enjoy and thanks for purchasing my book/brochure/tips or whatever we should call it :D

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$ 4.99

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