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The Golden Thread ~ The Art of Living Life at the Peak ~


A collection of practical and metaphysical wisdoms, sourced from contemporary geniuses, throughout a range of expert fields. 

"The Golden Thread unlocks the potential of your true self" 

Each of us is born with The Golden Thread. The Golden Thread is an 
archetypal symbol of the guiding light that directs us, leading us on 
our true path in life. It is this thread that links us to the field of infinite 
creativity and infinite intelligence. Connecting to the Golden Thread 
illuminates your soul essence and helps you to find true meaning and 
purpose in life, so that you may live your life in synergy with your true 
self. By singing your soul song, you inspire others; and you inspire the 
world. The Golden Thread holds the power to transform your future. 

• Discover the extraordinary achievements of contemporary 
geniuses and experience their magical realities 
• Re-establish your connection with The Golden Thread to live a 
high vibrational resonance 
• Awaken your own inner genius and live life at the peak 
• Re-connect with your truth and unleash your highest potential 
• Re-discover your passion for life 
• Embrace your inner magic and discover a world of infinite 
• Re-discover the essence of peak states of consciousness 

“The Golden Thread gives inspiration to us all to 
unite as a human family to contribute to the next 
great phase of human consciousness.” 
~ Dr Michael Ellis - Doctor, Buddhist,Global Peace Ambassador 

Author, Amata Natasha Goldie, has dedicated this book to you, in service to humanity, 
and our awakening consciousness. 

“Carpe diem...Seize the day....Make your life an epic 
adventure...The Golden Thread will infuse you with a passion 
for life!” 
~ Nik Halik - Global Entrepreneur, Astronaut and Extreme 

“The Golden Thread gives inspiration to us all to unite as a 
human family to contribute to the next great phase of human 
~ Dr Michael Ellis - Doctor, Buddhist, Global Peace Ambassador 

“The time is Now to awaken to the true nature of your being” 
~ Leopold Soham - Spiritual Teacher, Yogi, Entrepreneur 

“There is no absolute truth, but rather, each of us has our 
own inner truths. We can realize the living truth within, 
through a direct experience with The Golden Thread. It is this 
that is beyond all forms and concepts. The Golden Thread is 
more than a book; it is a living entity created out of love and 
humility with the intention to uplift and awaken readers. In 
doing so, it will serve humankind.” 
~ Joseph Law - CEO of Living Greatness and Bestselling Author 

“Humanity is now ready for this ancient gem of truth” 
~ Neil Goldie - Mystic, Poet, Photographer, Artist 

“The Golden Thread is the link between the two halves and 
this links consciousness to the Great Mystery where all divine 
energy is sourced from. When did you last dance to the song 
of life?” 
~ Sean Alan Caulfield - Artist and Spiritual Teacher 

“The Golden Thread is an archetypal strand of gold that 
connects us to our true selves, to our beloveds, and to that 
which we discover to be home.” 
~ Stellamara - Musicians and Composers 

“The Golden Thread is an extraordinary project with an 
important mission.” 
~Tiara Kumara - Global Planetary Light worker and Founder of Children of the Sun



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