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Learning in the Absence of Education: Homeschooling to Unschooling

By April Paine, publishing works by Beverley Paine, Always Learning Books

Containing over 60 articles drawn from Beverley's first decade of home educating her children, this book covers a range of issues, such as late readers, value of play, socialisation, learning maths, testing, etc. An intimate, frank and honest look at day-to-day home educating life spanning several years.

The author's youngest child coined the title one day when he innocently asked, "Mum, I'm learning in the absence of education, aren't I?" meaning learning without school and the traditional methods of learning employed by schools. This book shows the transition the author family made from homeschooling to unschooling and natural learning.


"I should say thank you for your wonderful book, "Learning in the Absence of Education".  About 3 years ago, I conveniently left it lying around, hoping that my husband, who was extremely doubtful about natural learning, would read it. I was outside in the garden a few days later, and he came out saying, "Have you read this?"  I thought he was angry about it, and I tentatively said, "Yes."  I waited for his reply, which was - amazingly - "It's BRILLIANT!" He loved your writing style and what you had to say, and it gave him the reassurance he'd been looking for. He's had a few anxious moments since then (as I think we all do), but nothing like it was. He's learned to trust in the natural drive to learn that children have, when they live in freedom with interested and supportive parents walking the road with them. Thank you for your part in helping our family find joy in the freedom of learning naturally!" Karen

"I really like Learning in the Absence of Education. It's so real. Discussing your life and feelings so honestly made me realise i'm not the only one.  I particularly liked 'The Ups and Downs of Home Educaton' and 'Why Home School'. Thanks for writing this book. " Anne-Marie


Reasons, Characteristics and Outcomes of Home Education
Why Home Education
A Day in the Life of a Child 'Damaged' by the Modern World
On ‘doing nothing’….
Conversation Is Learning Too!
Learning Maths Conversationally!
Seriously Questioning the Importance of Reading
Movies As Curriculum
Worrying About Writing
Ideas for Helping Children with Writing
Thoughts on Spelling
What is all the Fuss about Reading (Fiction) Anyway
“Is Thomas reading yet?”
Worrying about Late Readers...
Computers and Home Education
Setting Up ‘School’ At Home
Finding Time
Better than Average
Thoughts on Educational Experience
Natural Learning
Learning At Our Place - August 1997
Home is Where Learning Happens....
A Day at Home with the Paines
The Model Solar Car Race
Homeschooling Diary - A Week in November
Dads and Home Education
Robin and Home Education
Fathers in the Home School
Reflecting on Home Education
Dispelling a Myth 'Practice Makes Perfect'!
Girls in Education
Home Learning Schools?
Time Spent at an Alternative School
Should I Give Grades?
Thoughts on Testing
Profile on a Teenage Homeschooler
The Role Diet Plays
The Grass Is Always Greener...
Children Learning At Home The Permaculture Way!
A Radical Educational Alternative!
Homeschooled Kids Are Children Too...
Rites of Passage?
The Ups and Downs of Home Education
Addressing the Problem of Labeling: ‘Learning Disabled’
A LEGO Curriculum
The Value of Play - LEGO
The Human Inclination to Mischief!
The Gobble Guts Pizza Fraction Game
Learning the Times Tables
More on Learning Times Tables
To Teach or Not To Teach!
Being "On Call"...
Socialisation or Social Development?
Problems with the “Learning Must Be Fun” Attitude
Flexi school
Life After Home Education
Home Education Continuity?

ISBN 9781876651626
eBook, 190 pages
published by Always Learning Books

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