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Knotted By My Brother's Dog

My brother’s dog hated my guts. But now that I was carrying his puppies, maybe that would change.


I'd just moved out of my apartment as my boyfriend and I were splitting up. Since I had nowhere to go, my brother, Mark, let me move in temporarily with him.

Mark and I had always been close, but he'd recently acquired a large Rottweiler, Rex, who eyed me suspiciously from the first moment he laid eyes on me.

I really don't know why he didn't like me, but there was no doubt about it, he hated my guts.

If I got anywhere near him, he'd growl. Mark said he was just being an idiot and that he wouldn't hurt a flea, but I had my doubts.

Everything came to a head one Saturday night. Mark was off with one of his girlfriends and I was left home alone.

Alone with Rex.

Everywhere I went, he'd follow, a scowl written all over his face. He was watching me. Likely he didn't trust me as much as I didn't trust him.

But the moment I stepped into the bathroom, everything changed. He went from following me - to attacking me.

The moment I pulled down my pants, he was on me. I thought he was going to kill me or something. But what he had in mind was worse.

Much worse.

The first thing he did was stick his nose between my legs as I sat on the toilet and shove them apart.

"Rex, no! Go away!" I shouted, but he was too insistent. He wasn't going to stop.

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