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Disciples of the Horned One Omnibus - Book 1 - 3 of The Soul Force Saga

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In the hidden places of the world darkness is stirring once again.

The Cult of The Horned One has troubled the kingdom since the time of it’s founding. Rising only to be brought down again by brave heroes.

When the darkness again rises to threaten the innocent it falls to Damien St. Could and his friends to save the kingdom. Can they master their powers in time to defeat the growing evil?

Read now to find out.

Collected of the first time. The Complete Disciples of the Horned One Trilogy along with the never before published novella The Lighting. Over 1,200 pages of fantasy adventure.

Includes: Darkness Rising, Raging Sea and Trembling Earth, Harvest of Souls, and The Lightning
You will get a RTF (848B) file

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