"M" Words and the Christian Woman...We Travel Together

by M Words & the Christian Woman / Jo Wilmer

Finding it hard to be a woman of faith in a crumbling world?

Trials pressing in on every side?

Depression, illness, isolation, marriage, motherhood, overwhelming burdens...all can rob us of our happiness. 

Who can you turn to and reveal all that weighs on your heart?

We are here! Sister's in Christ, waiting for you.

With a monthly outreach of over 3 million monthly, we KNOW the blessings to be found when women of faith bond together in support through all the phases of a woman's life.

As we travel our path of life, we hopefully will be blessed with "certain women," who are placed along our path waiting to encourage us to press on. 

This study of being "HIS" woman will strengthen you spiritually and open your eyes to the path HE desires for you as His child. 

Join us!   We never need bear this life alone as a sister' in Christ,   Jo Wilmer 

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