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The Alpha Code : The Greatest Secrets Ever Kept!

Truly Eye Opening! One amazing book unlocks many of the biggest secrets of the entire world and beyond.

Finally! Real evidence "Cracks The Code" to many of the greatest mysteries of The Universe and even life beyond death.

This one single book cannot only change the way you live, but your entire life, happiness and success.

The Alpha Code is the real deal. This monster book is over 560 pages of jam-packed information that's rich in details that will simply blow.....your.....mind!

Here's a sneak peek of what you're about to discover inside this jaw-dropping book.

  • What is a Dream?
  • Creation vs. Evolution. Finally, the real answer.
  • How to make sure your prayers go to Heaven.
  • How to receive the Power of The Holy Spirit.
  • What exactly is the Black Hole?
  • How can one become a Saint while still living on Earth?
  • What is our 7th. Sense and how do we tap into it?
  • Are we truly alone in the Universe?
  • How in actuality does one enter Heaven?
  • Discover the single most powerful Universal Rule.
  • What is your birth-right as a Human Spirit?
  • What are the hidden powers of Meditation?
  • Shocker! Who really created Hell?
  • What is the difference between being Spiritual and being Religious?
  • What is the 12th. Commansment?
  • Discover that The Day of Pentecost occurs every year.
  • How to use your Intuition to contact your Guardian Angel.
  • Are there other Beings in Creation apart from Angelic Beings?
  • Are we pre-destined from birth?
  • Are we saved by faith or works?
  • What is the mysterious Silver Cord mentioned in The Old Testament?
  • Why does The Creator let bad things happen to good people?
  • How to receive Blessings from Heaven.
  • Is mankind on the cusp of a new Cosmic Turning Point?
  • The Last Judgement and the Return of The Lord.
  • so much more!




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