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When a huge corporation moves into the area and starts trying to buy up all the local farms, they use less than scrupulous means to obtain the land. Good thing that the local farms have some less than scrupulous bikers close by.

Eight Cardenas is in love with a sweet farm boy. The things they’ve already gone through would send most men screaming, but not Kale Acer. Every obstacle that’s come between them and their dreams of happily ever after have been hard fought but conquered. That was before they were fighting something much bigger than a rival club or other unseemly characters. The new threat is businessmen, and more corrupt and devious than any cartel member or outlaw biker.

They enlist Rodney with the blessing of Nando and Andre. Rodney wanted to earn his way back into everyone’s trust, but not for Kale. For the growing feelings he had for his two owners. The humiliation, rough treatment, and less than caring ways that they handled him were more than fine for Rodney, who’d dreamed of being a plaything all his adult life.

The only problem were those pesky feelings. Could Nando or Andre ever return them? If not, could he continue with the relationship?

WARNING: This book contains scenes of sexual situations between two or more consenting men. There are also scenes of BDSM. Please do not attempt any of the activities in this book without knowing how to be safe.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an ongoing series and MUST BE READ IN ORDER!
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