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Mirror Madness

Body image is the representation we produce of what we think we look like; it might or may not bear a close relation to how other people really see us.

That is, they are subject to all sorts of distortion from inner elements like our emotions, moods, early experiences, mental attitudes of our parents, and much more.

All the same, it powerfully influences behavior. Engrossment with and distortions of body image are far-flung among American women , however they're driving forces in eating disorders, feeding severe panic than may be alleviated only by dieting. Get all the info you need here.

Utilizing methods from cosmetic surgery to miracle diets to liposuction, women in increasing numbers are endeavoring-with a degree of panic and, more frequently than not, to their own harm-to match the elemental template of beauty.

Has the state of affairs declined in the past few decades? The reply is undeniably yes. Men, too, no longer appear immune.
In 1987 a survey about appearance and weight revealed that only 12 % of those polled indicated little concern about their look and said they didn't do much to better it. The results of this survey are similar to those of a lot of studies where the participants are chosen at random: individuals feel intense pressure to look great.

Weight has become so important to body image; it's the focus of dissatisfaction in both studies and the area demonstrating the biggest increase.

Body engrossment has become a social mania. We've become a land of appearance junkies and fitness partisans, pioneers driven to think, talk, strategize, and fret about our bodies with the same fanatic devotion we gave to putting a man on the moon. Overseas, we strive for global peace. At home, we have announced war on our bodies. 

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