Fleur - Vintage Style Cloth Doll Pattern

by Big Little

Make a heartfelt doll for your little one to confide in, share adventures with and treasure. Hours of imitative play with a beautiful, natural doll, handmade by YOU, is a truly magical gift we can provide to our children and the little ones we love so much.

She can be sewn at home, from natural materials we can all source, by someone with basically no doll making experience. With a Big Little doll, you wont just make a doll you’ll make an heirloom and you’ll learn some awesome new skills along the way.

* d e t a i l s *
A beautiful and sweet vintage-style cloth doll with hand stitched features, who can be made from entirely natural and often recycled materials. She is 15-16 inches tall and wears a sweet kimono crossover dress with puffed sleeves, trimmed with ricrac. Underneath she sports wee French knickers with a tiny bow and little felt shoes. Her hair is a braided/plaited up-do, inspired by my great grandma Mabel who used to always wear her hair this way.

* i n c l u d e s *
• Pattern pieces with full step-by-step guide to construct your doll
• Detailed tutorial for stitching her BLUE eyes and facial features
• Detailed tutorial for her BRAIDED hair up-style
• Pattern pieces and tutorial for your doll's kimono dress, french knickers and shoes
• FREE bonus tutorial for 3 three extra hairstyles

Simple to use - everything is contained in a PDF file which you simply print out on your home printer. No enlarging is required and you are ready to start immediately.

This pattern is suitable for someone who has used a sewing machine before. Embroidery or doll-making experience ISN'T required as everything is covered in the tutorial. She is not a whip-it-up-in-an-evening project, rather there are lots of elements which can be done in a spare fifteen minutes here and there - so she comes together nicely over time :)

I can't tell you how excited I am to share these delightful dolls with you - I hope they fill you with as much joy as they do me!



Fleur is based on copyright free vintage pattern which I have carefully digitised and modified. I don't claim to have created her, just given her a tweak here and there! My work lies mostly in the comprehensive tutorials for her construction, facial features, hair and of course her little clothes. You can read about some of my doll-making journey on my blog here: http://biglittletales.blogspot.co.nz/search/label/doll%20making

Some feedback from those who have made "Fleur"

"...Now if you are looking at this and thinking. That’s all very well for you, but all I’ve ever sewn before are straight lines. Don’t be put off. She is so achievable and rewarding. Give it a go...."

"... Little did I know that this was the kind of pattern I needed to make my first doll. It is very detailed for every part of the doll making - clothes (where I was most confident), embroidery, sewing the actual doll, and hair (the rest of the doll process I was less confident initially). I really had no idea how to make a doll and the details in the pattern really answered my questions... "

"... I just want to thank you for this lovely doll pattern. I am creating a doll for a friend who is losing her only daughter. I will be using her daughter's clothing and remaking them into clothes for this sweet doll as a keepsake for her mother..."

"... I could never give this girl up, so I am so glad that my children play with her and adore her too. As soon as her face was stitched on, it was my eureka moment and I just fell in love with her..."

"... If someone has carefully crafted something as detailed and beautiful as a Big Little doll for you, know that you are loved...."

"...Sewing the doll was easier than I thought it would be. Lisa gives really good instructions for stuffing the doll too which is so important. I was very nervous to do the embroidery for the face. But again the instructions are great and I loved how it came out....."

You will get the following files:

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