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All EViews Tutorials - Complete Bundle

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The bundle includes:
1- Unit Root test with Breakpoints
2-Hodrick Prescott Filter
3-ARIMA Models
4-ARCH and GARCH Models
5-Cointegration and Error Correction Model
6-Vector Autoregression (VAR) Model
7- Structural Vector Autoregression (SVAR) Model

Each folder includes the slides+dataset + EViews Workfile with all the results and graphs.
You will get a ZIP (8MB) file

Customer Reviews

Monique B.

Verified Buyer

4 months ago

Learnt how to use EViews

I am taking an applied time series course and I had no idea how to use EViews. The professor in class covered the topics without even asking us if we had ever used the software. I watched all the YouTube tutorials and got the package to replicate the files. Clear and easy to understand. Thanks!

Cointegration and Error Correction Model - Video Material


ARIMA EVIEWS - EViews Worfile + Slides + Super Guide


Unit root test with breakpoints - Video Material


ARCH/GARCH Models - EViews Material


VAR Model EViews - EViews Workfile + Slides + Dataset


SVAR Model EViews - Eviews Workfile + Slides + Dataset