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This training video is for business owners and online entrepreneurs wanting to learn how to navigate the online space with ease, proficiency, professionalism and powerful flow!

In this 1 hour and 11 min training I will teach you how to navigate the online world for business with EASE to save you TIME, MONEY, + ENERGY!

This training is going to help you find sustainable structure + flow while applying a law of attraction mindset to working your online business.

I will give you an implementable approach to navigating your potential clients, active clients, answering messages + inquiries, colleagues, followers, answering emails, posting social media content, running free groups, blogging, doing livestreams all while caring for your family, taking care of yourself and living your amazing life!

  • This is for you if:
    • You are wasting every day on social media searching for business.
    • You feel obligated to sit and answer every message you receive.
    • You're spending more time answering shit for free than turning potential clients into paying clients.
    • You started your business because you wanted freedom but you have no freedom because you're on social media all day, every day.
    • People don't respect your boundaries and you don't want to be rude or turn them away.
    • You keep getting asked the same dumb shit and are sick of answering it.
    • You don't know how to handle haters or weird inquires via email or live on video or on social media.
    • You NEED a way to break-free that aligns with who you are and how you want to do things.
    • You feel drained + exhausted from being online

You will learn the steps on how to STRUCTURE your days, weeks and months to serve your business needs as well as your personal needs. You will learn how to set healthy boundaries with work hours to not be trapped to your computer from AM to PM but still be able to balance it all. 

This training is not only going to teach you how to manage your business and clients but it will also help you understand why taking better care of yourself and valuing your time, energy and freedom will PAY OFF in the form of clients, opportunities and cash!

This training course was previously recorded live and there is no longer a Facebook Group available with my added individual guidance, as mentioned in parts of the training video. 

I am excited for the clarity it's going to provide you. Now it's time to set yourself free so you can finally receive all that you desire to have!






"This was fucking amazing!! I receive it and thank you immensely for it! I might need to buy this training and listen to it every night before I go to bed so I can channel Amy in my sleep!!" - Maria P.


"Thank you Amy I love your advice its perfect." - Arwen M.


"Amazing Amy! Thank you" - Jessica B.


"Gold. As always." - Chase C.


"Thank you! Super helpful!" - Jennifer O.


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