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My Miserable Life Volume 1 by Sayori Ling Anderson

The Autobiography of A Girly Asian Boy Growing up in America Vol;ume 1.

Humiliation, forced feminization, forced homosexuality, castration, brainwashing, slavery, solitary confinement, despair 

About the author:

I am an enlightened asian boy. I fully embrace my sexual and racial inferiority to the superior white master race. I know my short scrawny stature, puny limbs, and tiny boiclit is no match for god-like White Men. Even in my younger days when I masturbated, to the images of girls I liked in school, I often fantasized them being fucked by bigger, taller and stronger White guys in my class, and I imagined myself to be one of those girls that I desired. For me, that was so natural I never even had second thoughts. In retrospect, even back then I naturally desired to be feminzed, to be fucked by the stronger White alpha males. Today I love watching White male/Asian female couples. It’s a turn-on to know that those Asian girls are being fucked by White men in ways an loser asian boy like me never could, being touched deep inside their bodies. I also love the fact those Asian girls are naturally craving the seeds of superior White men over weak and inferior Asian seeds.

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