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Stranded audiobook

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Narrated by J.J. Green

A desolate alien world...

A downed starship...

A deadly invisible menace...

When the prospecting starship, Galathea, crash-landed on a remote planet, the crew thought that help would arrive soon. They were wrong.

The first officer's in the brig, and a series of deaths have left CSO Jas Harrington where she least expected to be—in command. That's fine. Ordering people around is her second-best talent.

But she knows krat-all about damaged starship engines. Unless she can whip the third-class engineer into shape, the ship's going nowhere. And the ship needs it to go somewhere, fast, because alien predators are trying to break in.

When the aliens make their move, only a miracle can prevent Jas and the crew of the Galathea from being stranded forever.
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