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[P2U] "My Dear" Icon Template

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New base up for grabs!

140+ Parts!

Base Body
20 Hairs
40 Ears
10 Eye Options
20 Mouth/ Muzzle Option
20 Nose Options
15 Clothing Options
20 Misc Extras


Perfect for YCHs/ Quick basefills!

*~RULES ~*

*Always give proper credit. ( @HeartEsart on deviantART , Twitter, Furaffinity, Instagram)

*Do NOT claim this base as your own

*Do not resell or share this Base.

*You can use this base for Commissions , Personal things and Adopts (Fake currencies or real currencies)

*There will NO Refund!! Be SURE that you WANT it

*DO NOT 'Frankenbase' at all with my bases

You will get a PSD (32MB) file

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