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Dating for Woman : Who to have sex with?

When a guy says he doesn’t want to be in a relationship all that means is he is unwilling or unable to be faithful to u at that point in time. That’s all it means. He still wants to have sex with u or he wouldn’t have shown interest in the first place. He may enjoy going on dates, chilling, talking, etc. But u aren’t the only one he wants to do those things with and he knows that’s what the expectation is if y’all get in a relationship. So for a man having sex with a chic that he’s sexually attracted to is never a waste of time, that’s a mission accomplished. Especially if he gets to do it several times. People only use the phrase “waste of time” when they put time and effort into something and it doesn’t accomplish their ultimate goal. For example taking the time to go buy a suit, get a hair cut, and drive thirty mins for a job interview and then finding out the job pays less than your current job will be viewed as a waste of time by a man. Any time he gets to do something sexual with a girl he likes it will be seen as a success. A woman setting expectations on what a situation is going to become is ultimately what leads to this type of disappointment and the feeling that everything was a waste of time. Instead of enjoying the time she spends with him and having sex for sexual pleasure she’s using it as a means to get him to commit to a relationship. And that’s the wrong approach to take because it will often end like this! With the woman completely overlooking all of the positive things that happened between them and feeling like it was a complete waste of time even though she had to enjoy the time they’ve spent together and the interactions they’ve had in order for her to be wishing the dude was her man in the first place! 🤔 Tag someone that would like my page or the things I talk about! ↗️ Turn on your post notifications!! Tag someone that would like my page or the things I talk about!#terryderon #wastingtime#relationshipadvice #lovelife #dating#relationships #message #nolie#wordstoliveby #truestory #trust #respect#realtalk #imjustsaying #facts #truelove#accurate #reallytho #truthbetold #loyalty#straightup #factsonly #worstfeeling#lonely

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