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Healing Storms Signed Paperback

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One stormy night breaks Kane Austin. Moving deeper into the Pennsylvania woods doesn’t heal the heartache of his tragic loss, nor does it offer the peace he longs for. He certainly can’t bear the thought of loving again.

Charley Woodhill blames himself for his sister’s and niece’s deaths. He feels he doesn’t deserve Kane’s forgiveness, and especially not his love, but that doesn’t keep him from watching over his best friend from afar, coveting what he can never have.

Determined to live a quiet life, Jill Walters isn’t looking for a man or complications. But flames of desire bright as a lightning strike can’t be denied, and the consequences of falling for not just one but two men shake her unstable foundation.

Will Kane let go of the ghosts from his past? Can Charley find the strength to share the man he’s longed for since childhood? Or will Jill choose for them and flee to keep the two men safe?

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