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Did you know that most of your stress about taxes can be eliminated by simply getting organized? What if you could approach tax season with confidence whether or not you go to a pro?

I decided to share my system for getting organized after my tax pro said that my spreadsheets were the most organized he'd ever seen, landing me a very large discount. Download the exact spreadsheets I used to get over $2,000 in tax write-offs in a single year as an actor.

Getting organized can help you:

  • Be prepared when tax laws change in your favor
  • Confidently handle any requests by the IRS
  • Save you a ton of time and stress come tax season

Simply click Add to Cart to get started.

You will receive my copy-and-paste spreadsheets with instructions on how to best use them. You'll also learn my 5-step system for staying organized throughout the year so you're not scrambling come tax season.


I am not a tax professional. This is simply a way to organize your potential expense deductions, which I encourage you to take to a certified tax professional. I cannot make guarantees about how much money you will receive in acting expense deductions or whether or not you will receive a discount from a tax professional.

Terms and Conditions

I offer a 7-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. Simply request a return through your payment platform. 
You will get a PDF (4MB) file
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