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✨VIP VIRTUAL MINDSET COACHING - HALF DAY- 4 HOURS, WITH VOXER (Walkie Talkie) APP✨ I use expert knowledge gained from my Applied Psychology (PGDip), along with 17 years Of Mentoring and Life Coaching experience to help ambitious women to gain the CONFIDENCE to take ACTION so they can experience TRUE FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE in business, relationships (romantic and parenting), finances and much more.

—"I'm tired of not living the type of lifestyle that I desire, I feel stuck, unfulfilled and I’m not sure how to move forward, I want to stop holding myself back!”—

Does this resonate with you?

🔘You know there is more to life but you're unclear of the steps you need to take to get there

🔘 You are a creative ambitious woman ready to step into creativity, abundance and flow

🔘You know that reaching out for support will help you to achieve your life goals but you're an introvert

🔘You need help identifying limiting beliefs so you can get on with doing the things you love

🔘You want to develop your confidence so that you are able to get the results you want in business and life

We Need To Talk...📲

✨ Start Living In The Richness That Life Has To Offer You ✨

💭Imagine living on the other side of fear, feeling the fear but still doing it anyway.

That's exactly what the most successful people do and you totally can too.

💭Imagine giving yourself permission to be confident enough to get clear on your goals and start achieving them in 2023 and beyond

💭Imagine having the confidence to start an online service based business and being one of the best in your industry

💭Imagine feeling free to be your true highest self and not the people pleasing insecure version of you that constantly feels imposter syndrome

If you need to find release and free your mind of mental blocks and limiting beliefs that stop you from pursuing the things you desire in life....VIP Mindset & Success Coaching with Voxer Walkie Talkie App might just be for you. 

✨ This Style of coaching is for women on the go and is for you if: ✨

You’re an introvert and want to gain more confidence and clarity✔️

•You want to start an online service based business but social media is not really your thing✔️

•You want to get over crippling anxiety & fear so you can pursue your goals in business and life✔️

•You want to get rid of money blocks and attract financial freedom✔️

You feel stuck and need a transformative mindset shift from a lack into an abundance mindset✔️

•You’re full of anxiety and wish to get rid of the crippling feeling so you can move on with your life and experience true fulfilment ✔️

•You want the 3 F’s...Fun, Freedom and Fruitful-Finances in your life ✔️

" Where we put our awareness and for how long maps our destiny"

-Dr Joe Dispenza

Shereen: Mindset & Success Coach

Hey there! I'm Shereen 👋🏾 

I’m a mindset and success coach specialising in NLP & Energy Psychology to support women like you and help you to get clear on what is holding you back on a subconscious level so you can breakthrough barriers and live life to the fullest on your terms.

With over 16 years experience in Psychology, mentoring and life coaching I have been able to start my own online coaching business, run mindset workshops all while being a wife and mum to three amazing children.

It was not any easy road for me as I myself had deep rooted limiting beliefs that I had to work with a coach to get rid of. Life coaching was one of the best investments I've made and has helped me to be the high value woman I am today.

I’m proof that you can live your dream life if you’re willing to do the inner work.

Are you ready to get started?

How Will This Work?

Here’s how your VIP Voxer Session works: I use The GROW MODEL for this 4 hour life coaching session.

The Grow model consists of:

1.Goal setting: Setting S.M.A.R.T GOALS which are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. We will look at what's important to you and identify your values so we can set crystal clear goals.

2.Reality Assessment: Honest self-reflection and assessment of your current situation. I will help you discover any deep rooted limiting beliefs that maybe holding you back.

3.Options Exploration: Exploring various possibilities and alternatives available to achieve the set goals. We will look at various ways for you to reach your goal/goals by thinking outside the box.

4.Way Forward: The importance of taking responsibility and being proactive in making positive changes. I will support you in implementing these goals with highly valuable tools, resources and accountability.


step one

Schedule Your Desired Date 🗓 ( No need to clear your calendar, you can do this on the go).

step two

Download Voxer Walkie Talkie App (Free) With IOS & Android 📲📳 (We can send live recordings, texts, files and useful links to each other, it’s similar to WhatsApp in some ways).

step three

Choose How You Wish To Pay & Begin Your Coaching Session with me.

(Your payment link will be sent to you after your coaching session is scheduled).

During your VIP Voxer Session we will get laser focused on your chosen area and I’ll support you with reaching your desired goals with no judgement.

I’ll create a virtual safe space to support you based on the details you provide on the scheduling page.

We will message back and forth at your pace for the duration of your session.

Unlike zoom, Voxer gives you the freedom, time and space to reply between messages.

This flexible style of coaching is great for:

🔘 Women on the go with little time to attend in-person or online zoom coaching ✔️

🔘 Mums juggling parenting and personal development ✔️

🔘 Introverts who desire a coaching connection but not face-to-face ✔️

We will explore deep rooted subconscious blocks into whatever may be keeping you stuck or from making significant progress

I will intuitively guide and support you using the best NLP and Energy Psychology Techniques so that you can tap into the highest version of yourself.

By the end of our session you can expect to:

✨ Have clarity and confidence in your next move

✨Alignment with your purpose

✨ Control over managing limiting beliefs

✨ Feel in total control of your time.

✨ Wake up every day, knowing what you need to do to get results in your life and avoid burn out.

✨ Have the confidence to show up as yourself in business, career and daily life.

✨ Have your coach (that's me!) as your biggest cheer leader, supporting you every step of the way.

✨BONUS -(Free With Your Voxer Coaching)✨

🔘 Welcome Pack & Coaching Contract (Value £15)

🔘 EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique Strategies (Value- £97)

🔘 Guided Meditation &Journaling Support ( Value- £97)

🔘 Printable Manifestation Journal ( Value - £17)

Total Value: £226


Artboard 1

The best coaching service I have used. I got more out of it than expected and I am so much more confident when it comes to speaking in public.

Thank you Shereen

— Yesmine Hammami

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I’m in love with this style of coaching, I couldn’t get enough of it and booked another session. I managed to start my own online consultancy and get over my limiting belief of not being good enough with Shereen’s amazing service.

I am so grateful.

— Laura Purcell

Artboard 1

I feel truly blessed to have connected with Shereen. I have been able to unlock my true potential and overcome procrastination like never before.

Highly recommended.

— Nicola Reese

Artboard 1

I’ve been around the coaching block and She She London is for sure the crem de la crem of coaching.

She She intuitively guided me in the best direction for prioritising my self care and I love the way she incorporated Emotional Freedom Technique via a video link which I continue to use after the session.

— Amina Patel


How does appointment scheduling work?

VIP Voxer coaching gives you exclusive 1:1 access to me

Once you download the voxer app you can use it’s voice and text messaging features for free with android and IOS.

Voxer is a free Walkie -talkie app that you can use to send messages back and forth with me throughout our coaching sessions.

Is it possible to buy coaching more than once?

For sure! You simply need to purchase coaching again and will be able to get access to another set of coaching sessions.

Is there a payment plan?


Was £497

Now £297

Yes you can choose to pay in full at £297 or pay 3 Easy Payments of £99 over 3 months

THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER and the price will soon go back to its original price.

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