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Everything Has Changed

Praise for Everything Has Changed

Take every love-at-first-sight movie; add to that every romantic movie of falling head-over-heels in love with someone in a fast forward motion – with all the stomach tingly excitement of new love and new discoveries – and you have this gem of a book.


Think Before Sunrise. Think Room In Rome. This is a style of storytelling that is often adopted in films to convey the depth and expanse of instant attraction. Now, much to our delight, Kaāl gifts us with the book equivalent of that passion. 


Kaāl introduces Sara and Mira to us before she lets them meet each other. She tells us about where they have been in their life and the juncture that they are at. Showing the same restraint as in her other gorgeous book, Payback’s A Bitch, the author ensures that she doesn’t try to explain the people that her protagonists are. Having given us their background, Kaāl respects her readers to understand the characters by themselves.


Another lovely trick that Kaāl has is that she doesn’t belabour descriptions of how the women ‘look’. She gives us a general idea and then lets the reader draw the women in their own minds. The freedom to imagine is one of the most beautiful things about reading and Kaāl employs it wonderfully. Over-descriptions, over-analyses and over-justifications can mar some of the best narratives and Kaāl never once falls into that trap.


When Sara and Mira meet, there is instant attraction and with them, our tingles start too. The story is narrated as short vignettes, and with each scene, we see the attraction between the women growing into appreciation and more. We feel the building tension as their day together progresses and when the first touch happens, we sigh with them.


Writing effective sex scenes, while keeping a tight balance on the way the characters would actually behave is one of Kaāl’s greatest gifts. She writes the details of each action and every reaction, and each is in perfect line with what each character’s trajectory. Not one false note anywhere. These scenes actually burn up the pages and etch themselves in the reader’s minds.


Subtle humour is another speciality of Kaāl’s. In Payback’s A Bitch she had used bumbling dive instructor for the laughs and in Everything Has Changed, it is seen in two very, very intense sex scenes. She puts a twenty percent alpha of some of the funniest dialogues over the building up passion, intensifying the entire experience for her protagonists and for the readers. We can bet that you will immediately re-read these scenes more than once, much like we did.


We love the way Sara and Mira organically get into a dominant—submissive type of relationship without needing to discuss it or make it a role-playing technique. Their characters just slip into roles that are natural to them and unabashedly embrace the roles living them to the hilt.


As for the sex itself, we have yet to come across a single technique or pleasuring that Kaāl has repeated. She is inventive, exploratory and just too, too hot.


As Sara and Mira’s day is coming to a close, we have our hearts in our mouths praying that they don’t pass each other by like ships in the night. And thankfully, in the very last dialogue, the author gives us the romantic forever that we were hoping for. We are a sucker for good romance and happily-happily-ever-afters and Kaāl delivers each time.


This book is a must-have and if you haven’t yet got it, you need to grab it, like, now.


From us, Everything Has Changed has a beyond five star rating. We absolutely loved it.

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