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Managing Change

We Grow - We Mature - We Change.

You can't escape change.

Change is what happens to you. You or your life partner has an accident or stroke. You get married, have a baby, or you get a new boss at work. But that's not all.

We all grow and mature and cute loveable children become teenagers. (Parents who have had teenagers will understand.)

But change follows us throughout our lives. We all experience continual growth forcing us to adjust and support our partners because both are changing.

If you want your marriage to be fulfilling for both, you must share your journey with your spouse and allow them to share theirs.

Beliefs, attitudes, likes and dislikes change over time and communication is a vital part of this process.

Both you and your partner are unique and taking this journey together is one of the joys of life.

Relationships Involve Two Unique Individuals

Have you ever felt that you and your spouse were drifting apart? Over the years this is bound to happen.

After 20 years together, this is bound to happen, and it is a time fraught with danger for the couple because even strongest relationships can struggle through this period of natural growth.

Many Divorces Do Not Need To Happen!

It is a sad fact that poor communication is responsible for many divorces.

This means the emotional pain on the couple and their children could have been avoided.

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