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50 Week Off Ice Training Manual

By Competitive Advantage Training

The 50 Week Hockey Training Manual is a comprehensive training e-book designed to give athletes of all levels the template for strength in sport. Athletic success is contingent on control of variables such as situation/season, training design (sets, reps, rest, tempo), stage of training, and level of athlete. By successively introducing into the training program separate, specific means, each of which has a progressively strong training effect, and coupling them, we create conditions for linear increase in strength, speed, and agility.

For those new to training, the foundation training template provides a great starting point. The objective is on education and the gradual introduction of sport specific basic fundamentals and techniques. Athletes are exposed to a wide variety of training that stimulates healthy physical development and increases functional capabilities, motor abilities, and knowledge base.

As athletes mature detailed pre-season , in- season, and off- season training programs are designed around the hockey calendar. The Off-Season Training Program is geared to serious athletes looking to improve athletic performance.The program is designed to maximize gains in strength, bolster both upper and lower body muscular endurance, explosiveness, and flexibility.

The Pre – Season Program runs for twelve weeks, and is designed to take players right into the beginning of their hockey seasons. Players will have two days of weight training followed by one day of speed and agility work.

The In-Season Training Program continues to build upon athletes hard earned ore- season efforts. Often athletes perform the same workouts in-season as they do during the off-season. Those who do this quickly realize their off season program is too demanding to maintain, resulting in the eventual frustration and abandonment of their program all together. Our in-season training program is designed to allows athletes to maintain their strength during the season on very little volume, with correct exercise selection at proper intensities.

The 50 Week Hockey Training Manual is a must have for any serious player, coach, or organization to help maximize strength training efforts.

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