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My Wellness Planner and Session

My Health Planner Kit / My Wellbeing Planner is a compilation of 17 templates to help you manage your chronic pain, fibromyalgia, or other chronic illness.

This package includes the 23 page instantly downloadable printable kit is specially designed to help you have your plans in place to tackle your chronic illness AND a 45 minute session with me (Melissa from Melissa vs to help you fill in the kit. 

It is designed to be printed either as A4 or A5. If you use the option "fit" for paper size (or however your printer puts it) and use A4 it will come out bigger. If you choose A5 then it will fit on your A5 paper and slip nicely into your A5 planner.

Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits - paraphrased from Margaret Thatcher - let's think of positive things we can do to influence our health, let's do the things we have identified that help and let's build healthful habits to enact when we need them the most.

It includes:
*Cover page
*Welcome page - how to book your session
*Key information page
*My Pain Relief Plan
*My Flare To Do List
*My Flare Must Have List
*My Medicine List
*My Supplement List
*Things I'd Like to Try List
*Things I have Tried List
*My Support List
*My Passion Worksheet
*My Sleep Diary (to track your sleep patterns)
*My Sleep Hygiene Plans
*My Daily Wellbeing Log (daily health tracker)
*My Movement Plan
*My Thankful List
*My Yearly Goals
*My Life Goals List
*Notes (three pages of notes on how to use the planner)

To see more information, including a video of the kit and how to use it see this page and to see more about the session and working with me see this page

How to sign up for the session:

Simply purchase the package you wish to receive and you will instantly receive the downloadable and printable document. I will then email you to set up a time to do the session. We conduct sessions by Google Hangouts. The time differences between New Zealand and other countries needs to be considered when making appointments. Please prioritise appointment times once we have made them, if you cannot make an appointment please give me at least 24 hours notice.

Please note you are expected to have made a start and emailed it to me by 48 hours prior to the session to help us get the most out of the session.

Why have I made these resources? What do you get out of it?

The goal of these resources and sessions is to help you to feel empowered on your journey to wellness. A goal without a plan is unlikely to be achieved. I work with you to break your goals down into manageable steps, write it all down and provide the research and personal experience to guide you.

The benefits of these sessions include:

  • Understanding – having a person to speak to who gets it is invaluable
  • A specific set of things to do and try in order to manage the symptoms
  • To provide the resources you might be too exhausted, sore or unsure how to find

So purchase the kit, using your best contact email address and let's get started!

You will get a PDF (362KB) file

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$ 60.00

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