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COME THROUGH: Business Success Series

This 8 part audio series provides a uniquely real, raw and honest look into the success of a 'spiritual' self-help business entreprenuer. Unlike any other typical business course or audio recording, Amy walks you through her own experiences, exposure, successes, failures and unforgettable stories packed with perception shifting wisdom.

During these eight prerecorded focused conversations, you will gain energetic insight, step-by-step guidance and immense clarity mentally and emotionally into:

Audio 1: PURPOSE


Audio 3: CREATING 


Audio 5: MONEY 


Audio 7: VALUE 


With over (8) hours of content (600+ minutes), this Business Success Series is going to provide you an insider's look into business, strategy, PR, finances and the overall trade secrets of a successful spiritual personal development expert. In Amy's usually fashion, content will include her sense of humor as well as her guidance and wisdom into energy, human behavior and psychology of why some do what they do and what is going to best serve you!


* Your usual series full of click bait funnels and social media strategies to gain you more exposure.

* Specifically crafted to hit your pain points or lure you in with manipulative marketing strategies.

* A fluffy recording edited to curate a likeable image.


* A genuinely honest and transparent look behind-the-scenes of a business owner in the self-help field (in business since 2014) successfully making an impact, being of service, having ever-growing clientele, praise and exposure as well as financially succeeding without gouging prices or sending clients into debt and backruptcy. 

* Amy shares stories never told before about her businesses, past experiences in various industries and insights you won't hear anywhere else.

* Amy Fiedler's personal stories and experience in many different industries including but not limited to fashion, entertainment, professional blogging and spiritual/self-help/personal development fields. Her experience working in around fame, celebrities, the cuthroat entertainment industry, curating the Hollywood image for you has given her a unique and one-of-a-kind outlook and approach to business. Her wisdom far exceeds her age and her direct vulnerability is refreshing, validating and relatable!

* A truthful approach to business and being a natural healer, teacher, author, coach.



* (8) audio downloads approx. 50-90 min each



* Energy dynamics in relation to each focused topic.

* How to actually 'be of service' to others.

* How to reflect introspectively and connect with the actions that will best serve you and what you do.

* The psychology behind human behavior in relation to selling and buying, promoting, marketing, branding and creating.

* Internet manipulation and why it 'appears' to work for some but ultimately is serving no one.

* How to understand and trust yourself relative to each focused topic.

* How to own and operate a business while maintaining your integrity.

* What business illusions to not fall for.

* How money functions in your spiritual/self-help/personal development business.

* Your focus and boundaries in your spiritual/self-help/personal development business.

* + so much more that can't possibly be crafted into short impactful sentences!


*All content has been previously recorded live. Please disregard commentary mentioning dates and times of live calls, a Facebook Group or prompting for questions. 

DISCLAIMER: Refunds are not available for this prerecorded purchase. Please see for more information on refunds. 

You are downloading (8) audio WAV files upon purchase. If you receive an error or have trouble downloading, please clear space on your computer or tablet and try again. This program will give you (3) tries to download on several devices before blocking future downloads. If you exceed three tries, please contact us at for further assistance. Files will not download to mobile phone. 

You will get the following files:

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