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81 Numbers Unit:1-120

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Here is a brief summary of what is included.
-Three different counting charts. Three colored versions and a black and white version.
-Three fill in the missing numbers on the counting charts
-2 What number comes next? worksheets.
-2 What number comes before worksheets.
-2 fill in the missing numbers worksheets along with circling the greatest numbers shown.
-Kiddos circle the least number in each box.
-2 worksheets where the students place the numbers shown from least to greatest.
-2 cut and paste worksheets where they cut the numbers and place them from least to greatest.
-4 Cut and glue the number in order worksheets.
-12 Flashcards for comprehension check, where students place the cards in order from least to greatest.
-12 flashcards for comprehension check on greatest to least, comes along with a worksheet.
-12 flashcards for the student to arrange from least to greatest also comes with a worksheet.
-8 bookmark type of flashcards which the student uses to complete a worksheet placing the numbers in each flash card from least to greatest and another worksheet where they write which is the greatest number shown and which is the least number shown.
-What number comes next? worksheet along with 18 flashcards.
-What number comes before? worksheet along with 18 flashcards.
-Counting flashcards 1-120. These cards can be used as counting cards or you can also use them to play the following game: If you have for example, 20 students in your class,
Use cards 1-20 and give each student one card.

Tell them to find the classmate that has the number

Before/after the number on their card. And that way they can form a line in order. Do the same activity the day after but then, you should use numbers 20-40 and so on.

Once again thank you all so much :D

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Total 81 pages.

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