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Sugar Princess - Vittelli Brothers #1 - AUDIO

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When a scary-looking—indecently hot—Italian mobster shows up to shake me down for protection money, then reddens my bottom with his palm and demands I obey him - what’s a girl to do?

I hide.

But he not only finds me, he takes over my whole damn life, and I find I welcome it every step of the way.

With my insides set ablaze by Tommaso Vittelli's touch, I’m not sure what I want anymore. My mobster won’t stay in the US forever, and I’m not leaving my home and my heritage.

‘Lies carry consequences’, he told me.

And I’m a liar. I lied about not needing him..

I’m Carrie Ellerbrock - tiara-wearing, self-professed booknerd, proud owner of the Sugar Princess Bookstore - and I’m ready for my punishment.

Initially published in the USA TODAY Bestselling Dirty Daddies Anthology 2020.

This is the second, rewritten edition of Sugar Princess, now the first book in a new series. Follow the Vittelli brothers as they meet their matches. Crossover with the Russo Saga, a little lighter, a little cuter, and just as steamy. Keep your eyes open for guest appearances...
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Sugar Princess - Vittelli Brothers #1