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Healthy Dynamic Divas VIP Inner Circle with Group Coaching

Want help starting or continuing on your own unique health, wellness, weight release or maintenance journey?

In the Healthy Dynamic Divas VIP Inner Circle, join a supportive community of sisters on a similar path and be held accountable on your goals.

Get access to:
Weekly live community and group coaching calls
The 30 Day Rawsome Body Bootcamp Challenge for weight release, wellness, and healing
The Healthy Dynamic Life Success System Course for long-term success skill building
PLUS Bonus Meditations, Movement Classes, Special workshops
And Our Private Online Community

Here are just SOME of the areas we focus on in the Healthy Dynamic Divas VIP Inner Circle:

Mindfulness: Cultivate the absolute most important skills for your health & wellness journey and beyond

Distress Tolerance: Manage stress and distress in healthy ways; overcome emotional eating and binge eating

Emotion Regulation: Understand the significance of our emotions, decrease the frequency of unpleasant emotions, decrease vulnerability to emotions, and decrease emotional suffering... meaning... improve overall peace, well-being, and increase positive emotion states

Interpersonal Effectiveness: Build and maintain positive relationships while maintaining your values and working toward your goals

Food: Eat foods that are in alignment with your body's physiology as well as your values, goals, and desires

Fitness: Have fun with body movement playtime activities that are enjoyable and fulfilling for you

Flow: Transform your efforts and hard work into a state of effortlessness

Fun: Free up your lifestyle and create habits that align with more of what you love and less of what you don't

Faith: Build and maintain trust in your higher power (or your healthy self) to achieve and realize the results of your dreams

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