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ebook nameTrue story of how I earned $200,000 dollars on eBay in 3 years

By magma1x
True story of how I earned $200,000 dollars on

eBay in 3 years

Purchase my book and I will explain how I earned $200,000 dollars on eBay

in 3 years. The book explains how and what merchandise to buy and sell via

eBay in the most secure and trusted method that will maximize your

earnings and profit.

Only certain items sell on eBay that will maximize your earnings and profit.

All other items selling on eBay are deceiving and could cost you money. You

have to be weary of you expenditures such as eBay services and PayPal


Like you, I gave it a lot of thought of what can I buy or sell on eBay that

would bring me the most money. For a year I was selling books and various

items found in the basements, garages, etc., however, most of my earnings

were going towards eBay services and PayPal transactions. Profit was almost


I am no longer a resident of USA, and in my current country there is no

PayPal, therefore I am no longer buying and selling goods on eBay. However,

I would like to share my secrets with you on how decent money can be made

on eBay for those with access to PayPal. Not only was I selling goods in the

USA, but many of my clients were based in Europe.

If you buy my book, in it you will find secrets to operating a successful

business via eBay as well as proof of my sales and earnings over the 3 year

period. However, if you are not satisfied with the book a full refund will be

issued to you.

During my 3 years of eBay activity, I gained and extensive experience and

became very proficient with my buying and selling methods and are very

proud to be sharing these with you through my book.

Don’t be fooled by false and poor dealings on eBay. There were times when I

was paying $350 to $700 dollars for eBay services, but were hauling in

profits of $5000 or more per month. Best and most successful sales were

during holidays and special days like Mother’s day and Father’s day.

If you by my book, not only will you read about the secrets of money making

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on eBay, but investing and generating even greater profits through realestate.

If you by my book, I guarantee you will make profit, however, you must

follow my advice on which items to buy and sell via eBay for profit. As of now

congress has not made any decision on taxing profits earned via eBay, hence

the money you make is tax free and I guarantee you will earn $60,000 to a

$100,000 dollars a year.

Here is one of the secrets I will share with you now. I still have a picture of

an item that I was selling that earned me $120,000 dollars. I took over 60

photos of the selling item ensuring only the best picture to be posted on

eBay for customers to view. This is the first step in attracting viewership and

potential buyers.

Many more secrets are detailed and explained in my book.

All rights reserved. This material may not be rewritten or redistributed in whole or part with out the express written permission.© Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved

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