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Enthusiasm IS the Enemy: Get Fit and Stay Fit

The vast majority of people who begin an exercise program abort it within a very short time frame. Their good intentions and exuberance is a timid and highly ineffective match for the reality of consistent physical effort. Since the benefits of exercise are so all encompassing to youthfulness, health, and mental acuity, it can almost be considered a panacea.

A new way of approaching exercise so that many more people can include it as an integral part of their lives is long overdue. This book is the first program to address this through a technique and a way of thinking; where from the beginning, the objective is on sustaining a program, not merely starting one, since sustaining is the only reason to start.

This book exposes, and walks you through the emotional and mental traps that undermine good intentions, and the many mechanisms that will sup­port this undertak­ing. The exercise program itself is included only for the convenience of people who are not familiar with exercise physiology, and not the primary focus of this book. It is effective, efficient and simple, for every level—beginner, intermediate, and ad­vanced; and depicted with photographs. You can sub­stitute any other program that’s more to your liking. The sole purpose of this book is to keep you on it for good.

In a sedentary, fast paced, fast food society where obesity and stress are epidemic, directing our energies to the priorities that can be the most effec­tive in rejuvenating and enriching our lives is paramount—what gives us the most bang for the buck. And few investments can compare with the enormous return exercise offers us.

Table of Contents

1.  Start Real

2.  The Strategy

3.  The Workout

4.  You Are the Power

5.  Not Urgent But Important

6.  Mind the Body

7.  Sleep

8.  Muscling In on Youth: Aging Biomarkers

9.  In Conclusion

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