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Return learn games - AGS Engine Award winners + Picks of the Month list

Return learn games - Indie games compilation - AGS Engine Award winners + Picks of the Month list


Adventure Game Studio (acronym AGS) is an open source development tool that is primarily used to create graphic adventure games. It is aimed at intermediate-level game designers, and combines an Integrated development environment (IDE) for setting up most aspects of the game with a scripting language based on the C language to process the game logic.

The AGS Awards were founded in 2001 and are awarded annually to the best indie point-and-click adventure games of the year. Categories for the awards may vary year from year but overall include Best Game, Best Writing, Best Animation, Best Voice Acting, Best Puzzles, Best Background Art, Best Gameplay and Best Music. The AGS Awards are an important barometer for indie adventure games. Some winners have become immensely popular and commercially successful. Serving as a springboard for talent

Thousands of games have been produced using AGS, some of them being of professional quality, such as professional games like the ones mentioned below. There are several non-professional yet full-length acclaimed games such as Heroine's Quest.

Wadjet Eye Games is an indie game developer that has created most of its commercial titles using AGS, such as the Blackwell series of games. They also publish AGS games by other developers, such as Primordia by Wormwood Studios, Resonance by XII Games, and Gemini Rue by Joshua Nuernberger.

Development teams AGD Interactive and Infamous Adventures have remade and updated King's Quest and other Sierra releases. LucasFan Games have done the same with LucasArts adventure games.

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