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Full House: Poker Face 4

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The long-awaited conclusion to the Poker Face Series is finally here!

It's coming to an end, the love story of the rough biker and the innocent farm boy. It's been a long road for the two men, but their love got them through. Now, they want to share that love with a family, a family of their very own.
After being approved as foster parents, three siblings are brought to them. The oldest, a preteen girl, doesn't trust the men and keeps the other children close to her. It is breaking Eight's heart, as all he wants is to give them the life he never had.

Will Rina let Eight and Kale into her heart, or will their dream of a family end before it really begins?

Nando, Andre, and Rodney have settled into a place where each of them is getting exactly what they want in life. But when Nando's cousin, Rico, comes to stay, things become crazy all over again.

During a relationship with a member of a vicious Albuquerque gang, Rico was caught in bed with him by some of the other members. Barely escaping with his life after his boyfriend, Smiles, claimed his own innocence, Rico runs to his cousin Nando's to hide from them. Tortured over the fact that his boyfriend threw him under the bus, he doesn't think reconciling could ever happen. He is not one to easily forgive and forget such a betrayal.

Rodney steps in with a plan, giving Rico hope. They get Smiles to agree to run from the gang and fake his death. Rico and Smiles are like fire and ice, and the steam rising from their reunion threatens to destroy the home Rodney, Nando, and Andre share.

Finally, Rodney convinces Rico to take a firmer hand with Smiles, as his men did for him. Take his suffering and worry and make him suffer in new and sensual ways.

Can Rico and Smiles start a new life together, far from everything they knew and loved? Can Eight and Kale become the fathers they hoped to be? Find out in the last installment of Poker Face!
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Aces & Eights


When the Chips are Down


Stacking the Deck