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Second Chances (Desert Duets)

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Dear Reader,

Don’t you love it when you stumble across your favorite theme in a book—such as secret baby, second chances, enemies to lovers, or woman in danger?

As an author of over thirty books I thought it would be fun to select books from my catalog and combine them together by theme. So I did, and my Desert Duets was born. You get two heartfelt romances, for the price of one!

In Second Chances you'll find two romances in which the couple have a second chance at love. When my couples first got together events (family or the greater good of a country) conspired to separate them. But then something happens—a life-altering experience or a secret uncovered—and one of those partners returns demanding a second chance. But life is never that easy, is it? The set contains the following books:

Bought by the Sheikh

She was bought once, he’ll buy her again… A dysfunctional upbringing has made Sheikh Zavian bin Ameen Al Rasheed distrustful of people—but he trusted Gabrielle…until she leaves him, bought off by his father. But his obsession with her only grows so he buys her services from her university because if Gabrielle can’t be his wife, then why not his mistress?

Wanted: A Baby by the Sheikh

“You walked away from our wedding and kept on walking. And I hear nothing from you for a year, except a trail of credit card charges. Now you return saying you want our baby. What the hell is going on, Taina?” But Finnish heiress, Taina, can't answer Prince Daidan's question without destroying his world. So Daidan comes up with a proposal of his own...

So pour yourself a cup or glass of your favorite drink, some chocolates (of course), get comfy, and spoil yourself with a double helping of your favorite type of romance!


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Enemies to Lovers (Desert Duets)


Secret Baby (Desert Duets)


Woman in Danger (Desert Duets)