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Women’s Thirst For Power Over Men Is Pathway In The Trash [Russian Edition]

By CatalogOfHumanSouls

This book in Russian Language.

All women are eager to gain power over men. This desire can be both conscious and unconscious. The reason for this yearning is that once women obtain this power, it automatically turns on the sensation of euphoria and happiness inside of them. The pleasure from this sensation is so strong that, more often than not, it exceeds even the sexual desire. Thus, the woman instinctively is striving to prolong this sensation. She does everything possible for it to never end. The woman, however, doesn’t know that this effort is futile. Such eagerness is like a drug addiction: it disregards the amount of personal health and life energy spent in return for experiencing the bliss. Personal resources have a limit and require regeneration, yet the woman doesn’t know how to restore it. As a result, when the woman wants to experience the constant pleasure from dominating over her man, she pays the highest price – her transformation into nobody and the following writing off to the trash.

The woman can turn into nobody even prior to exhausting all her life energy. Consistent drug fix of experiencing sensation of happiness through power over men demeans any woman catastrophically, that is the reason why the woman degrades intellectually, gains weight, loses her looks, and ages prematurely. Her psyche becomes unstable, the inclination toward hysteria, depression and inadequacy become stronger. She unsuccessfully struggles with her emotions; she can’t control her sexual desire, her self-perception as a super star doesn’t cease, she battles with her weight all the time and she jumps from feeling as a boss to feeling as a complete full every day. She subjectively perceives her life as dull, boring, and difficult…

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