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The 7 best sex toys for men

The 7 best sex toys for men and why you shouldn't be embarrassed to try one of them
Sex toys are a female-dominated market. With the exception of Fleshlight perhaps, most sex toy manufacturers tend to cater to women's sexual needs first.

I'm not here to make a political statement, because in other lives it's basically the opposite. I'm just pointing out the obvious differences between men and women in the marketplace.

That is, there are effective toys on the market for men.

So why do so few men use them? Or at least admit to using them? Part of the reason is that men have a fairly easy time developing orgasms - especially compared to women. Men don't usually need much to have an orgasm, so spending money (good money, because these things aren't cheap) on something they can do themselves seems a bit redundant.

Another reason is that there is a stigma around men using sex toys. Some men feel threatened by the idea of sex toys in general, believing that one day these toys will render the human penis worthless. (Not today, robot, not today, not tomorrow.)

As a sex writer, I've been fortunate enough to have received countless male sex toys delivered to my door, which I then had to explain to my girlfriend (who, bless her heart, is still okay with it all). As a result, I tend to know more about the subject than the average pervert.

So with that knowledge - in addition to the penis that nature has graciously provided me with for sex toy testing - I present to you the best male sex toys on the market.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Elite Daily's editorial team. However, if you purchase a product through the links in this article, we may receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale.
This toy can do it all. Although it is designed for couples, the LELO TIANI 3 is also effective for solo masturbation sessions of any gender. My girlfriend and I agree that this is by far our favorite sex toy. While it doesn't work as well for solo use as it does for couples, at the end of the day, it does its job.

For men using it alone, wrap the toy around the base of your penis, load up some porn, and play with the vibration settings on the remote control as you stroke. Single use for women is more of the same. Simply place the toy inside the vagina so that the vibrator sits on the clitoris, either internally or externally - it should hug the clitoris, basically. Then, she can play around with the settings as she sees fit.

For couples, you use the TIANI 3 in the same way as when the woman is alone, except that during intercourse, both partners feel the vibrating sensation of the toy lying inside the woman. Only now the penis doesn't have to work as hard.
I own three Fleshlights myself. yes, they were given to me for free, but I appreciate it.

If you're not familiar with the Fleshlight (welcome out from under a rock, dude!) ), this toy is a flashlight-sized male masturbator with a penis sleeve made of Fleshlight's SuperSkin technology.

So, guys, if your hands are boring you and your girlfriend doesn't exist or won't have sex with you, the Fleshlight is by far your best bet for next-level masturbation. It feels like anything that might come close to the real thing.

The Fleshlight models all feature different textures inside the sleeves, but I chose the classic pink lady as my recommendation because, well, she's a classic for a reason. Want to know how to use it? Just put your dick in and move Fleshlight up and down. That's it.


Some words of advice, though. Always use lube. I made the mistake of giving it up once and immediately regretted it. It felt like I was voluntarily skinning my penis in some sort of ritual. Not good Not good at all.
If you're afraid of prostate play, consider cutting your sex toy selection in half. the LELO BILLY is arguably your best bet for prostate play, as it's smaller than most (perfect for beginners) and the various vibration settings are fairly intuitive.

This toy is designed to hit the prostate, so it's pretty simple to work with. Insert the LELO BILLY into you with the toy facing your belly button (lube is a must). Once you're inserted, play around with the vibration and intensity settings until you find the right feeling.

Think prostate play is only for gay men? Wrong. According to a survey by LELO, 71% of straight men in relationships have tried or at least admitted they want to try prostate massage.
This is one of the more popular prostate massagers on the market, so you can get what you want from it.

Like the LELO BILLY, it's simple to use. Insert the toy into your anus and let the LOKI WAVE bend towards your belly button. This is where your prostate is located. Since this model is much thicker than the BILLY, you will definitely need lube. Don't play with

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