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Isolated For A Time Like This

“Have you quarantined yourself?” was the question that a lady I met in America in January (2020) asked me as the whole thing with COVID-19 was about to blow up. However, as straightforward as her question was, it triggered something in me. That was the first time I stopped to think about what was really going on. My reply back was “I’m usually indoors most of the time so, I guess nothing changes for me...?”

That was the first time it dawned on me that I’ve been locked up in my bedroom... in my bed... for the past 10 YEARS

2010, a decade ago was when it all began. That was the year my second marriage broke down and little by little, I started to withdraw from the world... Then, I lost my brother to the cold hands of death... and I withdrew even further... Then, the Lord came for my JOB (LIVELIHOOD)... and I withdrew even further... Then, He came for my CHURCH... and I withdrew even further... Then, He came for my HOUSE... my CAR… my WORLDLY POSSESSIONS.. and I withdrew even further...

Hmmm, the truth is that there’s no feeling that people have felt in this current COVID-19 pandemic that I haven’t felt before; the panic attacks, anxiety, worry, fear, depression... while still functioning to the outside world like nothing is happening on the inside. Oh yes, I sure knew what it was like to stock up with more than 1 year’s supply of TOILET PAPER. I did it when the Lord told me to give up my job...

Isolation was my normal... I knew how to do church from home 6 months straight. I knew how to work from home. I knew how to shop from home... I sure know how to function in a lockdown. So, while everyone is losing their minds during this lockdown, it’s been my normal. Also, because I’ve been out of work for the past 5 years, I’ve had to learn to depend on God. So, when people are uncertain about their livelihood; I’m used to not knowing where money is coming from. Now, I’ve got something... So, here you go... my 3rd book born in Isolation

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Published: (16 May 2020)
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