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Suffragette City - Hair

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Suffragette City

Long wavy hair with front or back option for female Hyur midlander, highlander, Elezen, Miqo'te, Au'ra & Viera


Front version replaces hair 102

Back version replaces hair 136 & 162 for Viera

Not hat compatible



  • Highlights, no highlight or split-hair options
  • Miqo'te vanilla or earless options
  • AuRa vanilla horns or no horns options


  • Can clip with some poses, can be corrected with ex bones
  • Works bad with MXAO
  • Back layers of the hair might clip with clothing which gives transparency
  • Lighter colors of highlights might show some clipping

Huge thanks to vermillion, apricot and Izayoi for their wonderful screenies, please check out their work as well!

Public release: TBD

You will get a ZIP (201MB) file