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Max Chroma Master Colorizer (Action Set for Adobe Photoshop)

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The Max Chroma Master Colorizer is an Action Set for Adobe Photoshop.  This set of automations provides various ways of extracting the colors of a single photo, graphic or image into multiple layers which can be colorized or adjusted or can be set to masks for adjustment layers and more.

These actions go way beyond luminosity masks and into the world of "Chromaticity Masks" and more, into all the various Hues, Chroma, Tints, Shades, Tones, Greys and even Secondary Midtones and expanded levels of Tint, Shade and Grey.   You can recolorize and retouch, color grade or mask, make adjustments, or anything else you can imagine possible with all of these extrapolations of the color information from your images, graphics or photographs.  

There are smart conditional actions which will check the image color divisions through a threshold as well as a pixel-diameter detector to give you a final split-layers image that has controls for each of the color tones that are present in the photo or artwork, while eliminating excess layers which had no color in them or very little color based on the threshold and area.   

  It is highly recommended that you also have at least 16GB of Ram, a GPU, and a relatively fast multi-core processor, as some of the more intensive actions splitting colors up to 12 Hues x 8, 10, and 14 tones, produce hundreds of layers as well as smart-detection procedures on those layers to reduce the final set.   When running on a very large image with high resolution, especially if using the actions while in 16-bit mode, it can take a while for the actions to finish running.   Watch the product videos to see the best recommended uses and system specifications for the various actions to run, and the results from various example image.  As a quick tip, it can help to first test the actions on a smaller sized lower resolution 8-bit image to see the results and decide which of the various color-split methods to go with before running the full size and original resolution or 16-bit image.  

You will get the following files:

  • ATN (36MB)
  • PSD (46MB)
  • PSD (76MB)

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$ 25.00

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