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Email+Address marketing data for all 160,000 UK charities (incl grant)

After many years experience working in charity fundraising, where organisations badly wanted to find both the grantSEEKERS (Charities) and the grantMAKERS (trusts) for their charity, it was clear that there was no easy single list in which to find this. There are many paid-for subscription databases out there, but they are often expensive and also not complete. The only full version of all registered trusts and charities in the UK is on the charity commission website.

However, the charity commission website, whilst listing every organisation since records began (1961), only allows a maximum of 500 results returned. Furthermore, it is difficult to pick out which charities are in fact Trusts who give out grants in the UK, or extract the data quickly and easy for marketing to charities.

I have managed to design a way to get around these issues and bring out ALL the data from the charity commission- and then separate out the data between grantMAKERS (Trusts) and grantSEEKERS (Charities) due to how they categorise the data, by re-running various specialist software, day by day, since records began in 1961, and we have had to get over many hurdles to do this.

The end result is a searchable list of:
1. Over 160,000 charities (charities and grant making trusts) in total
2. 60,000 grant-makers (trusts) within the list
3. Over 125,000 EMAIL addresses within the list of key contacts at the organisations
4. Many other key data fields - such as address, areas of giving and so forth.

This list is extremely valuable and has been sold for over £1000 in the past to major universities - so the price here reflects only a small percentage of that.


Valid as of April 2017

You will get a XLSX (69MB) file

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$ 199.95

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