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God's Love Devotional

God's Love Letters is a one week devotional for early elementary grades.  It goes through events from the first 3 chapters in Genesis.  It can be used in many ways.

The first way is to be used is as part of a Genesis study.  Introducing God’s love as the beginning of the bible is a beautiful way to start.

The second way it can be used is as a complement to the topic of love.  A love lesson can be taken out of every book of the bible, and this would be a fitting addition.

The third was this can be used is as a break from normal studies during Valentines week (February 10-14).   

This study is for all children who are old enough to sit and listen with older children up to elementary school.  It is designed for a homeschooled, multi-aged setting for children to do together as a group.  Preschoolers without older (kindergarten and above) children will probably only be able to listen to the bible story, verbally answer the questions with much help, and draw the pictures. 

Early elementary children will do well with this lesson.  Additional verbal questions will increase the level of comprehension.  Without younger children joining in, elementary students might want to opt out of the guided play section.

The purchase includes a five day teacher/parent guide.  It chronicles how an entire morning lesson could work, beginning with bible reading, questions and drawing activities.  You can end it there, or move on to arts and crafts to increase the creative juices.  The busy mom may alternately opt to give children a guided play assignment that she will oversee while folding laundry, washing dishes or the like. 

For a packed morning, parents may decide to do arts and crafts as well as the guided play.

Ideas for acts of service are given as options for children to continue thinking about the lesson all day long.  Children may pick different suggestions or the same ones.  Older children are encouraged to think of their own acts of service.  This will probably be harder in the beginning and get easier toward the end.

Suggestions on how to have a God loves me party on the last day are also included.

The second download is the student pack.  Each day has the bible reading printed out incase a bible is not readily available. 

Above all, have fun learning about our Savior’s love for us all.

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