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Short Cycle Selling: Beating Your Competitors in the Sales Race

The first book on short cycle selling­­the fast-track route to a higher closing ratio

Sales professionals today waste untold hours worrying about identifying, tracking, and timing their sales cycles. In Short Cycle Selling, author Jim Kasper trains his sights on the only important concept and goal in sales cycles­­shortening them. He walks professionals point-by-point through the series of steps that constitute the sales cycle­­from identifying prospects to negotiating and closing­­and at each step shows how to streamline the process.

Short Cycle Selling is the first book to deal specifically with proven techniques that condense the time from prospecting to closing, while taking advantage of today's most innovative concepts in selling skills and E-technology. Packed with case studies and actual examples of short cycle selling success­­and techniques that were field tested on clients from Amoco and Pentax to Wells Fargo Bank­­this hands-on book reveals how to:
  • Land more accounts
  • Achieve greater sales volumes
  • Generate greater sales income and satisfaction


Why Short Cycle Sellers Win the Sales Race
1. Identify Your Sales Cycle: Champion Racers
Know Their Racecourses
Compression Concept: Sales Cycles Have Stages
Compression Concept: Not All Sales Cycles Are Alike
2. Size Up Your Competition: Identifying When and
Where to Make Your Move
Internal Competition
External Competition
Compression Concept: Competitive Analysis Based on Your Customers’ Perceptions
3. Target Selling: Plan Your Sales Race
Compression Concept: The Market Segmentation and Target Process 
Compression Concept: Do Your Homework Before You Call 
Compression Concept: Develop a Unique Selling Proposition 
4. Get New Business More Quickly: Race on the Fastest Course
Compression Concept: Customer Internal Opportunity Analysis 
Compression Concept: Account Management Plan
Compression Concept: Your Customers Want to Help You 
Compression Concept: The Five Steps to Take to Train Your Customers to Shorten Your Sales Cycle
5. A.R.E.B.A.! The Quickest Track to the
First Appointment
The A.R.E.B.A. Model 
E-Technology Will Save You Thousands in Literature Costs and Sales Cycle Time
6. Compression Objectives: A Big Key to Winning the Sales Race
Focusing on the Wrong Sales Objective 
Conceding Control of the Sales Cycle to the Customer 
Compression Concept: The Compression Objective 
Compression Concept: The Customer Must Take Some Form of Action 
E-Selling and Compression Objectives
7. Let the Customer Tell You How to Win:
It’s Her Job!
Compression Concept: The Race Winning Discovery Strategy 
Preparation Phase: Using Internet Technology 
Scenario Planning
The Sales Interview 
Compression Concept: The Five Questions That Cut to the
Essence of the Sales Process
Compression Concept: Discover the Motivation Behind Your
Customers’ Questions
Compression Concept: Asking for Your Compression Objective 
8. Familiarity Breeds Sales Race Winners
Compression Concept: Understanding Your Customer’s Perception Is a
Key to Affecting It
Compression Concept: The Two Basic Buyer Personality Types—
Bottom Liner and Top Liner 
Compression Concept: Sell to the Behavioral Style That You Identify 
9. Shorten Your Sales Cycle: Using Strong Sales
Presentations, Demonstrations, and Proposals
Compression Concept: Customer Involvement Cuts Time from
Your Sales Cycle 
Phase I: Pre-presentation Involvement 
Phase II: Presentation Engagement 
Phase III: Post-presentation Connection 
The Virtual Sales Presentation 
10. Condense Your Sales Negotiations: Jockeying for a Better Position Near the Finish Line 
Compression Concept: Guiding Your Customer to the Negotiating Stage 
Compression Concept: Keeping Your Prospect Engaged in Negotiations 
Compression Concept: The Two Facets of the Negotiating Process
That Encourage Short Cycle Selling—Time and Information 
Compression Concept: Get Something Every Time That You Give Something 
Compression Concept: Take Control of Your Sales Cycle by Negotiating
Your Issues One by One, but Bring Multiple Issues to the Table 
Compression Concept: Speak to the Behavioral Style of Your
Customer during Sales Negotiations 
11. Eliminate Road Course Obstacles: Control the
Staller or Objector 
Compression Concept: An Objector Has Questions—Just Questions 
Compression Concept: A Staller Will Try to End Your Sales Cycle 
Compression Concept: Six Steps to Isolate the Objection and Move On 
Compression Concept: Four Steps to Help You Get Commitment from a Staller
12. S.A.F.E. Closing: It Means You Win 
Compression Concept: Closing Is . . . 
Compression Concept: Sales Race Winners Know When to Ask 
Compression Concept: It’s S.A.F.E. to Ask 
Compression Concept: The “No” Game Plan Restores Your Sales Cycle 
Compression Concept: Postclosing Analysis Compresses the Next Sale 
13. Fastest Time Wins: Control Your Time and
Shorten Your Sales Cycle
Compression Concept: Overcoming the Four Skill Deficiencies
That Prolong Your Sales Cycle 
Your Sales Cycle Is Your Sales Plan 
Getting Organized Means a Shorter Sales Cycle 
Short Cycle Sellers Find Ways to Delegate 
Call Reluctance Definitely Lengthens Your Sales Cycle 
14. Sales Technology and Automation = Shortened
Compression Concept: What a Good CRM System Can Do to Shorten
Your Sales Cycle
Compression Concept: Other Sales Technologies That Will Help
You Shorten Your Sales Cycle 
15. Marketing Will Help You Finish First 
Compression Concept: Affect Your Customers’ Perceptions by Positioning,
Not by Product Features
Compression Concept: Other Marketing Activities Should Be Aimed at
Helping You Shorten Your Sales Cycle 
Compression Concept: Using Marketing to Attack the Market from
All Angles 
16. Hone Your Mental Game: Put Your Racing Face On 
Compression Concept: Know Your Selling Self 
Compression Concept: Focus on Short Cycle Selling Success 
The 25 Sales Race Rules That Ensure Your Short Cycle Selling Success 
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