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A powerful criminal organization. A police force riddled with corruption. Can a private investigator in a foreign country find a missing woman and crack a smuggling ring?

In a quaint town in the South of France, Charity Deacon follows up on a favor for a neighbor. Make sure the local cops are searching for a missing woman. Shocked at the lack of interest in the case at the gendarmerie, Charity and Lu vow to discover the truth of what happened to Audrey Wylie.

Struggling with a language she doesn’t speak and a culture that turns a blind eye to criminals, Charity digs up a link between smugglers and a kidnapped senior citizen. With the help of the one honest gendarme, who might be more attracted to Lu than interested in solving the case, Charity delves into the lives of hardened smugglers.

Does Charity have what it takes to solve the case and keep everyone safe?

Greed is the second book in the thrilling Charity Deacon Investigations mystery series. If you like headstrong women detectives who won’t bend to threats, and books full of twists, then you’ll love Charity’s new adventure.

Buy Greed, today and get pulled into the chase.
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